Data Science | Machine Learning | Deep Learning

How can you choose an optimal value of the learning rate in gradient descent algorithms?

What is a loss function?

Data Science | Statistics | Machine Learning

Biases in data that we should all be aware of to build a reliable and fair machine learning model

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Data Science | Machine Learning | Lessons Learned

What have I learned working in the data science field?

Data Science | Statistics | Machine Learning

Important statistical concepts for data scientists and how to use them

Polynomial Regression | Data Science | Machine Learning

Determining the best degree of polynomial to choose in a polynomial regression.

Checklist pdf | Data Preparation | Exploratory Data Analysis | Data Mining

A reference checklist for Data Analytics professionals


Choosing the right hyperparameter values using Cross-Validation

  1. It’s prone to overfitting with many input features and,
  2. It cannot easily express non-linear/curvy relationships.

AI replacing jobs | Jobs AI will replace | Jobs and AI

How to augment machine intelligence and what the future will look like for humans in terms of jobs

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Statistics | z score table | z score formula

Understanding how z-scores were invented are how they are used

  1. What is a Z-score — Formula and definition.
  2. How to use Z-score using a toy example.

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